How to Use Podcasts to Promote Your Brand

1. Build your audience before the launch

2. Offer show notes

3. Transcribe your podcasts

4. Repurpose your podcasts

5. Promote on social media in different ways


How to Structure Your Podcast : 

- Know your audience

- Choose your format and topics

- Prepare your script

  1. Submitting Your Shows To Podcast Directories
  2. Podcast Guesting On Other Podcasts
  3. Using Paid Ad Strategies
  4. Leveraging Your Own Guests
  5. Make It Easy As Pie To Share Your Episodes
  6. Contests and Promotions To Gather Apple Podcast Reviews
  7. Leverage Email Subscribers With Social Media Share Gates
  8. Promote Your Podcast Organically With SEO
  9. Content Strategy & Patience
  10. Plan Interesting Topics
  11. Join a podcasting community or network
  12. Use your email list
  13. Make Your Your Podcast Homepage Design Less Egocentric
  14. Figure out your audience and engage it
  15. 5 Mistakes to AVOID when promoting your podcast
  16. Conclusion – And How Polymash Helps