Ways to Promote Your New Facebook Page

1. Use the network you already have

2. Add a Follow Button on your website

3. Create a Facebook Ad

4. Share helpful content

5. Promote your page offline too

6. Don’t forget your existing social following



First of all i would like to recommend to you don't try to buy #pagelike because when will you likers then whenever you will post relevant to your business that time nobody will take action or conversion and engagement with your post here i am going to tell some important tips how to increase page likers on your facebook business page.

1- Create a short content with good word.

2- Post everyday when your audience come online.

3- Use specific image relevant to your business.

4- Join more group relevant to business.

5- Send alternative day post with good content as well as image.

6- Talk to your audience about if you like my page or service so kindly try to share my Facebook page with your friends.

7- Invite to all your friends.

8- Post daily ony 3 post on your facebook page.

9- First post you should post under 8 am.

Seconds post should be 1pm.

Third post timing should be - 9pm

10- Before following these timing you must be check your audience when they come for online from facebook Insight.

11- Till then you are not getting good results according to you desire then you will be go for paid marketing.

12- Go facebook objective campaign create a campaign for page like from Post Engagement option in facebook.