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Website : shopno.in
Founded : 2017

Welcome to SHOPNO, one of the best business-to-business platforms for the textile industry. It serves as a digital directory for all suppliers, producers, distributors, and exporters of textiles. Our goal is to develop the textile sector and turn it into a business hub on a worldwide scale. It is among the top websites for companies and traders. One of the best B2B online marketplaces, it brings together thousands of suppliers and customers in a single platform. It was established to support and offer the best services to the textile industries. With our expertise, dedication, responsibility, and innovations, we produce small, medium, and big scale enterprises.

All businesses and retailers are welcome to advertise on our website. With our textile almanack, we assist the entire textile fraternity. We provide services for every industry, including sarees, clothing, ethnic wear, kurtis, apparel and clothing, materials, textile work, and more.

In 2017, Textile Directory India SHOPNO was founded as a novel idea for the fabric industry. It has now established itself as a world leader in the field of analytical insight. We have ascended to greater heights under the supervision of outstanding administrations and leaders. Over the past few years, the firm has benefited from our astute market understanding techniques and managerial judgement.

We constantly strive to deliver solutions that satisfy customers by utilising cutting-edge technology, management, and marketing techniques. We help buyers and sellers develop strong, streamlined relationships.

SHOPNO is an all-in-one B2B e-commerce system that enables you to manage your products and brand on online marketplaces. We assist you in quickly developing relationships with the appropriate vendors.

We at SHOPNO are currently providing you with the information you require. We have assisted textile, apparel, and garment companies uncover lucrative trade leads and optimise their acquisition and selling on the basis of our extensive experience. Through our website, we advertise your goods, offer you with a control panel so you may update your information on your own as needed, and put your things for sale.

Why should opt us?

An industry directory for all textiles is called SHOPNO. All manufacturers, suppliers, and merchants are given a space to conduct business online. According to the classification of the market and sectors, we provide precise website solutions. We are a full package of possibilities for the textile industries.

For those who are either directly or indirectly involved in the textile sector, we offer a very potent web platform that serves as a one-stop shop. When someone searches the internet for a B2B website, our directory provides all the information and specifics they need.


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SHOPNO is a group with a vision To help Clients achieve their business objectives provided by our best Textile Industries  IT solutions and services. Earn trust of clients and be a globally respected company.Our key motivation is to provide solutions which are customer focused and globally competitive through better quality, latest technology and continuous innovations. We strive to bring a world class system and the highest ethical and professional standards in our work.


Our mission is to give quality and value to the business.so we can easily feel the gaps between businessmen & technology.we provide one step solution to all the businessmen.we simply believe in process with technology that solution we will provide.
Supporting people to be their best [On the basis of human resources & technologies]
Create the best products and services And contribute to society